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American Scandinavian Foundation - Fellowship Exchange Program


Established in 1910 by Danish-American industrialist Niels Poulson and a a group of other forward-thinking leaders from business and education, the ASF was the first international non-governmental society to have as its sole purpose the development of goodwill through educational and cultural exchange.  The American-Scandinavian Foundation's Fellowships and Grants Program, designed to promote individual scholarship, knowledge and skills, continues to be fundatmental to the Foundation's mission of advancing cultural and educational relations between the United States and the five Scandinavian Countries. 

The ASF offers fellowships and grants for Americans to pursue advanced study or research in Denmark, and for Danes to pursue advanced study or research in the U.S.  Awards are made in all academic fields on the graduate or post-graduate level, and in the arts.  The program serves a diverse group of junior and senior scholars and professionals who have need for a short or long visit in-country and have the training and preparation to benefit from it. 

Fellowships of up to $23,000 are intended to support an academic year-long stay, and priority is given to students at the graduate level who need to spend time at Danish/American academic or research institutions.  Grants, usually up to $5,000, are considered more suitable for shorter research visits, both on the graduate or post-doctoral level.

2010 Fellowship Recipients



Konrad Smiarowski, CUNY Graduate School and University Center, New York

Dissertation Research, Anthropology/Archaeology, the National Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen and the Zoological Museum/Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen.


Noel Adams, Marquette University

Post-Doctoral Research, Philosophy, Soren Kierkegaard Research center. 


David Tanenbaum, Pomona College

Post-Doctoral Research, Physics, Riso Denmark Technical University. 



2011 Fellowship Recipients



Todd Michael Ambelang, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dissertation Research, Scandinavian Studies.  The Arnamagnæn Collection, University of Copenhagen. 


Mads Jeppe Hansen, Pratt Institute of Design, New York

Master's - directed study, Industrial Design

Kelly Lerner, University of Oregon

Post-graduate Research, Architecture, Independent Research.


Maggie Taft, University of Chicago

Dissertation Research, Art History, Royal School of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Danish Museum of Art & Design, Copenhagen Business School.


2012 Fellowship Recipients



Benjamin Ask Popp-Madsen, New School for Social Research, New York

Graduate Research, Political Science.


Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen, Columbia University

Dissertation Research,Political Science


In 2013 the Program was changed to restrict awards to U.S. Fellows from The University of Wisconsin and from the Pacific Northwest and to Danish Fellows studying at the University of Wisconsin and any of the Universities in the Pacific Northwest

2013 Fellowship Recipients



Kirsten Wolf, Arnamagnaean Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

Post Doc Research, Philology.




2015 Fellowship Recipients                                                                             


Ethelene Whitmire, University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Post Doc Research, African American Studies.



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