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University of Washington - College of Built Environments

  Gehl Architects Intern Exchange Program

The internship program was created in order to facilitate student immersion in the architectural field. Students work directly with professionals, faculty, and local stakeholders. In this internship, students apply previous knowledge to a new situation to create new knowledge and advance innovative outcomes. Because the experience is intense immersion in a project or office, learning is multi-dimensional, integrative, and forged through social relationships as well as practical application.

Interns are selected from the group which participates in the Travel Study Tour and Master Studio, and apply Gehl Architects' methods to current projects. The interns spend Winter and Spring Quarter working with the City of Seattle - Department of Neighborhoods and sixteen (16) weeks in the Fall in Copenhagen, Denmark, working in the offices of Gehl Architects.  After they return to Seattle, the interns spend the following Winter and Spring Quarter mentoring the new interns.

Beginning in 2010, Danish students from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts or Copenhagen University spend 16 weeks working for a Seattle landscape design firm or the City of Seattle.  For more information about these internships click here.  Scan Design Internships in Seattle, WA

Beginning in 2011, the University of Washington student interns are offered an intern position with the City of Seattle after they return from their time at Gehl Architects.

This program is managed and facilitated by the University of Washington - Green Futures Lab. 

For more information contact Professor Nancy Rottle.


2008 Interns

UW - Seattle


Annika McIntosh

Annika McIntosh was chosen as an intern based on her strengths in graphic and computer skills as well as thorough conduction of field work. She also had a strong interest and understanding of environmental issues.


Szu-Yu Huang

Szu-Yu Huang was chosen based on her understanding of issues related to public realm design and strong computer skills. She had previously completed a pedestrian-realm related research project and possessed strong GIS skills required for the City of Seattle-funded project.


2009 Interns

UW - Seattle

Eric Scharnhorst

Eric Scharnhorst is a Master of Landscape Architecture and Certificate of Urban Design candidate. Eric is interested in tuning the leverage points of our built environment, especially the dynamic relationships between people, transportation, local economies, and market-priced car storage. He has a background in petroleum geology and industrial design.


Katherine Wimble

Katherine Wimble is an urban landscape designer and artist specializing in design for people in public spaces.  In 2010 she joined Hapa Collaborative in Vancouver, Canada where she works on a wide range of public design projects including pedestrian spaces, parks, and landmarks.  She holds a Master of Landscape Architecture from the University of Washington in Seattle, a Post-Baccalaureate Graduate Degree in Painting from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Bachelor's of Science in Forestry and Wildlife Resources from Virginia Tech.  Katherine also creates public artworks with The Unearth Collective


Follow Katherine's career: Katherine WimbleHapa Collaborative  The Unearth Collective


Neighborhoods for People

While working for at Gehl Architects during Autumn 2009, interns Katherine Wimble and Eric Scharnhorst produced a guidance document for creating people-friendly neighborhoods titled Neighborhoods for People


2010 Interns

UW - Seattle

Jenny Hampton

Jenny is currently a Masters of Landscape Architecture student at the University of Washington where she is interested in how cities operate within the urban landscape.  Her background includes a dual B.A. in Geography and Psychology from DePaul University in Chicago and a M.A. in Geography from Chicago State University where she focused on urban ecology and cultural geography.  She has also worked as in intern for the City of Seattle Design Commission and as a project manager for a Seattle non-profit focused on sustainability and global issues education.  Jenny plans to utilize the skills she gains with her time at Gehl Architects towards completing her masters thesis in 2010.  Evaluation


Mary Fialko

Mary graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati.  Since then, she has worked at MUSHO Architecture and Design in New York City, and Zvi Hecker Architects and Arup GmbH in Berlin.  She is currently a Master of Architecture Candidate at UW, earning the Denice Johnson Hunt Internship and the Faculty Endowed Scholarship.  She is thrilled to partner with Scan Design, Gehl Architects, and the Green Futures Lab for a more sustainable Seattle.


Follow Jenny and Mary's work on Green Alleys:   The Green Alley Blog


The Green Alley Handbook:   "Activating Alley's for a Lively City"

Alleys possess compelling potential to produce a vibrant secondary public realm that might also help to repair the ecological performance of our cities. Jenny Hampton and Mary Fialko developed this guidebook to assist and inspire individuals and institutions in their efforts to transform Seattle's alleys for the public realm. 

2010 Interns     

University of Copenhagen  

Simon Kallenbach Rasmussen

Simon graduated with a Bachelor Science in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen.  He was an intern at the Danish design firm Peter Holst Arkitektur & Landscape in Copenhagen.  He is currently an intern at SvR Design Company in Seattle.  He is very excited to be in Seattle and to be working with SvR.


Samuel Hastrup

Samuel recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Copenhagen.  His studies focused on urban development and design.  He is an avid skateboarder and he sees the city as a playground and a space that the public should be able to use in a greater way than it is possible in many cities today.  He is currently an intern at SvR Design Company in Seattle and is looking forward to working with SvR and exploring the Pacific Northwest


Follow Samuel and Simon's internship (in Danish) on Samuel's blog:  Samuel Hastrup Blog


2011 Interns  

UW - Seattle

Betsy Jacobson

After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Minnesota, Betsy began working at an urban design non-profit in her home town.  She has interned with the City of Seattle, worked with the Green Futures Lab researching form-based code, and currently serves on the Seattle Landmarks Preservation Board.  Betsy is thrilled for the opportunity to learn from Copenhagen and explore her new city on bicycle.


Jennifer Richter

Jennifer is pursuing a Master's of Architecture at UW where the meeting point between design and human needs has captured her imagination.  While at UW, Jennifer has worked as a Research Assistant, has been awarded multiple departmental scholarships, and along with two peers, placed first in a USGBC design competition for the urban redevelopment of Roxbury, MA.  She is delighted to return to Copenhagen and to again order a cappuccino in Danish.


Follow Betsy and Jennifer's work on Neighborhood Greenways:


Seattle's Neighborhood Greenways

Movement through our neighborhoods is an integral aspect of our daily lives.  The Neighborhood Greenway concept recognizes the ripe opportunities for making travel through and between Seattle's neighborhoods safe, enjoyable, healthy and sociable, contributing to multiple aspects of human and environmental well-being.

This booklet is meant to serve as a guide for citizens who want to imagine and promote Neighborhood Greenways in Seattle, to inspire as well as provide them with practical tools.  This booklet was developed by Betsy and Jennifer while working as interns in the UW Green Futures Lab in Seattle and at Gehl Architects in Copenhagen, Denmark. 


2011 Interns  

University of Copenhagen

Emilie Kjedlsen Kjær

Emilie is studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen.  She is an intern at SvR Design Company and is thrilled to be working on a proposal for part of a SvR design project for Bell Street which she hopes to use as a basis for her BA thesis.  She is excited to be in Seattle and to explore the Pacific Northwest.  Follow her experiences on seattlesnapshots


Louise Holst

Louise is studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen and is an intern at SvR Design Company.  She is writing her bachelor thesis during her internship and will graduate with her BA this summer.  Besides studies, she works at the Romantic Garden, Public Park attached to the University of Copenhagen which, in her opinion, is one of the most beautiful parks Copenhagen has to offer.  She really enjoys being in Seattle and goes skiing whenever she gets the chance.

To see her portfolio and follow her work at SvR Design Louise Holst


2012 Interns  

UW - Seattle

Ashle Fauvre

Ashle Fauvre is a designer especially concerned with how architecture can articulate and direct spatial practices of social capital.  In early Spring 2012, she completed a research fellowship in Kobe, Japan where she investigated the Japanese public bath typology and its changing relationship with neighborhoods and communities.  She is working towards a Master of Architecture from the University of Washington and holds a Bachelor's of Arts in both Art Practice and the History of Art from the University of California, Berkeley.  Ashle is an avid cycle tourist.

Peter Cromwell

Peter has a BA in psychology and is currently working toward a Master in Landscape Architecture.  He is interested in the ways people feel invited to use public space, particularly urban spaces that respond to ecological and environmentally sensitive demands and social/cultural functions.  He is excited to return to Copenhagen to work with Gehl Architecture to better understand their methodology of assessing pedestrian oriented public space and to become more familiar with the great Danish culture.



Joint Blog for Ashle and Peter GFL/Scan Design Interns

Peter and Ashle created the following handbook as a resource for identifying strategies to promote bicycling throughout the world.


How to design bike lanes that make a city more like itself

2012 Interns  

University of Copenhagen

Nane Kollgaard Pedersen

Nane did an internship with Swift company while studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Copenhagen.  While in Seattle and working on project for Swift, she also worked on her bachelor thesis.  She chose to analyse and make proposal for one of the smaller border crossings at the U.S. - Canada border in Washington State.  She finished her Masters in Landscape Architecture / Green space management in January 2015 and is now employed at a Danish company working with the design of playgrounds and private/public green spaces.


Zofia Jagielska



Line Berglund

2013 Interns  

UW - Seattle

Jordan Lewis

Jordan Lewis is pursuing a concurrent Master in Architecture and Landscape Architecture degree at the University of Washington. He is passionate about engaging with multiple scales of design to create socially and ecologically responsive urban environments. Jordan previously worked on the World Cup Alley, an alley activation project in Seattle’s Nord Alley, and has served on Seattle’s Public Space Management Task Force. He is excited to work with Gehl Architects and to experience Danish culture.

Mike Schwindeller

Mike is completing his Masters of Landscape Architecture degree and is especially interested in ways to enhance public space and right-of-way networks through green stormwater infrastructure and bicycle infrastructure. His education at UW and participation in the Scan|Design Foundation Travel-Study/Master Studio has influenced his perception and approach to the research and design of correctly scaled, engaging, and multi-functional public spaces. Mike is from NY, where he earned a Bachelor of Music degree (saxophone) before moving to Seattle in 2002. He worked for seven years at a social justice organization focused on corporate social and environmental responsibility before returning to school. Mike has a diverse set of interests from backpacking, to bike racing, to ultimate frisbee.


Joint Blog for Jordan and Mike


This handbook was created by Jordan and Mike to help inspire residents, planners, designers, and public officials to re-imagine the use and functions of our streets.

Adaptive Streets:  Strategies for Transforming the Urban Right-of-Way

2014 Interns  

UW - Seattle

Jonathan Konkol

Jonathan is a Master of Architecture and Certificate of Urban Design candidate at the University of Washington.  Jonathan's background includes work as a certified land use planner and real estate economist.  Jonathan's career goals are focused on creating high quality public spaces that connect communities and provide transportation options for all citizens. he believes that urban design can create more just, sustainable and diverse urban environments and create the kinds of places where people can thrive in a post-automotive era.  He interned with Schultze + Grassov and was excited to work in Copenhagen to learn the methods for putting these principles into action and experiencing them on foot and on two wheels.  He is collaborating with Sara Hakanson on a booklet about "Urban Play"

Sara Hakanson

Sara is studying Landscape Architecture at the University of Washington with minors in Architecture, Environmental Science and Resource Management.  She interned with Cititek in Copenhagen and worked on a variety of projects including a design competition and a "Culture Night" intervention.  Sara also completed graphic representation and mapping for several projects including a culture plan for Larvik, Norway which will be used to broaden the city's cultural representation and activities.  She is currently developing a booklet on "Urban Play"    Sarah's Blog

2014 Interns

University of Copenhagen

Ida Løvenkjær

Ida is studying landscape architecture at the University of Copenhagen and is working as an intern at SvR Design focusing on stormwater management and will write about this subject in her thesis when she returns to Denmark.  She enjoys being in Seattle, and at SvR Design and recommends that future interns plan on a long stay to enjoy the beautiful nature and the great places to visit.

Maxim Soudani

Maxim is interning with SvR Design 


2015 Interns  

UW - Seattle

Roxanne Lee

Roxanne is a master of Landscape Architecture student at the University of Washington.  She is interested in inclusive community-based design founded on social and environmental justice.  She is specifically interested in exploring how landscape design can actively intercept and transform existing waste streams to ground designs in regional specificity, whether it be by focusing on storm water, upcycling local materials or other broken urban systems.  Before graduate school, she was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador, where she collaborated with a local indigenous social advocacy group on an ethnobotanical garden and educational scholarship program.  She has an undergraduate degree in sculpture and environmental studies from the Universtiy of California, San Diego.

James Wohlers

James recently graduated from the University of Washington where he earned a master's degree in Landscape Architecture. A staunch advocate of collaborative placemaking and social/environmental justice, he engages communities through design.  Much of his graduate studies involved working with diverse groups of people from North Seattle, helping design and facilitate community meetings and creating space for children to express themselves.  From community gardens, to city streets, to elementary schools, he has worked alongside people of many ages and backgrounds, learning from them and creating positive changes in their neighborhoods.  Schulze+Grassov's fun, creative design thinking and elegant graphic communication have also influenced how he works with communities:  a sense of humor is definitely needed!  The conclusion of his student career has led hi to Iquitos, Peru where he will be part of a multi-disciplinary team working with people from Claverito, an informal floating settlement, to improve their quality of life along the Amazon River.  He previously earned a bachelor of Architecture from the University of Minnesota.

2016 Interns  

UW - Seattle

Hailey Mackay

Hailey is a Master of Landscape Architecture student at the University of Washington.  She is primarily interested in urban ecological design in public space.  Hailey is an advocate of landscape urbanism and a biodiversity enthusiast who believes healthy urban space should accommodate a range of species from human to microbe.  Her studies at UW have been focused on the ability of plants to mitigate some of the city's most pressing problems.  From stewarding urban forests to improve air quality to designing phytoremediation to mitigate pollutants in soil and water, Hailey is interested in the ways landscape architecture can improve public health and quality of life.  She is excited to work with Schultze + Grassov in Copenhagen to gain knowledge from a uniquely Danish design perspective.  Before coming to the University of Washington, Hailey earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in oil painting at Western Washington Univeristy.

Jennie Li

Jennie is working towards a dual Masters degree in Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning and Design at the University of Washington, with two prior degrees from UC Berkeley in Environmental Science and Practice of Art.  She is passionate about empowering design and its ability to facilitate socio-ecological processes, with much of her graduate studies revolving around food systems in urban and peri-urban communities.  From focuses on ecological learning to urban production, she has explored the functional greening of urban public spaces as a means of engaging community, working with organizations in Seattle, Oslo, and Copenhagen.  She looks forward to working at Schultze + Grassov as an opportunity to learn tenets of great urban public space design within an international context.





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