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Student and Intern Evaluations

Student evaluations on this list represent one perspective on the study abroad program and are not expected to be experts on all aspects of the program.  They have agreed to be contacted by prospective students and will provide what information they can to help the prospective student gather information to inform their decision-making process.

           Evaluation Guidelines and Forms

Evaluation - Short Form

Aalborg University                                                     Student Evaluations

Email Address

     Peter S.

Sustainable Energy Planning & Mgmnt
Fall 2009            Evaluation
UW- Seattle
     Sam G. Sustainable Energy Planning & Mgmnt Spr. 2008
     Paul Y.
Sustainable Energy Planning & Mgmnt
Fall '08-Spr '09  Evaluation
     Elliot S. Sustainable Energy Planning & Mgmnt Fall 2009           Evaluation
     Kirk H. Urban Design Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Jordan F.L. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2010  
     Wendy T. Civil Engineering (Copenhagen Campus) Spring 2015      Evaluation

Århus University                                                         Student Evaluations

Email Address
     Christian R.
Medical Chemistry
Fall 2009           Evaluation
     Mette R. Political Science Spr. 2011          Evaluation
     Iben A. Political Science Spr. 2013          Evaluation
     Alexander C. Architecture Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Mads P. Architecture Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Jacob M.T. Political Science Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Trine O. Communication Arts Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Mathias G. Political Science Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Lasse N. Political Science Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Morten H. Education Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Jakob L. Political Science Fall 2015
     Sidsel M. Political Science Fall 2015
     Kristian S. Rhetoric Fall 2015
     Soren P. Finance & International Business Fall 2015
     Jesper L Physics Spring 2016
     Evangelia K.   Fall 2016  
     Michelle D. English Spring 2017
     Singe F. Comparative Literature Spring 2017
     Julie J.   Spring 2017  
     Ole N.   Spring 2017  
UW- Seattle
     Christina O.
Political Science
Spr. 2007          Evaluation
     Nikolaj L. Journalism Spr. 2009          Evaluation
     Emma T. Political Science Spr. 2012          Evaluation

     Reid B.

Economics Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Nicholas C. Danish & English Fall '12-Spr '13  Evaluation
     Alex H. Architecture Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Gabriela A. H. Architectural Studies Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Logan H. Architectural Studies Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Christopher B. Public Affairs - International Studies Summer 2014   Evaluation
     Nick D. Architecture Fall 2014          Evaluation
     Kami. L. Architecture Fall 2014          Evaluation
     Michael C. Architecture Deisgn Fall 2015          Evaluation
     Jordan F. Political Science Fall 2015          Evaluation
     Claudia G. Architecture Design Fall 2015          Evaluation
     Trevor K. Danish Fall 2015-Spr.2016
     Heidi G. Architectural Design Fall 2016
     Josef "Matt" E. Architectural Design Fall 2016
     Nigel M. Architectural Design Fall 2016
     AnnaBeth G. Architectural Design Fall 2017          Evaluation  
     Zachary M. Architecture Fall 2017          Evaluation  
UW - Madison
     Katrina P. Scandinavian Studies

Fall 2010           Evaluation

Spr. 2011          Evaluation
     Jeffrey Z. Political Science -Scandinavian Studies Spr. 2011          Evaluation
     Katherine K. International Studies Spr. 2012          Evaluation
     Julie J Computer Science Sum. 2012        Evaluation
     Lauren W. Linguistics Spr. 2013          Evaluation
     Ryan G. History and Scandinavian Studies Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Alexis B. Journalism, Scan Studies, Sociology Fall '14-Spr '15  Evaluation
     Tori A. History Spring 2015
     Chris N. Kinesiology Spring 2015      Evaluation
     Erica O. Agronomy Summer 2015   Evaluation
     Emma K. Economics, Statistics, Scan Studies Fall 2015           Evaluation
     Kayla P-F Biology, International Studies Spring 2016      Evaluation
     Kate M. Curriculum and Instruction Fall '16-Spr '17
     Cori. G. Business, Scan Studies

Fall '16-Spr '17


Belllingham Technical College (BTC)   Student Evaluations

Email Address
     Kaitlyn H. Welding Technology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Charles R.     Welding Technology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Jay Y. Diesel Technology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Virginie L. Welding Technology Fall 2012           Evaluation  
     Alexandra L. Welding Technology Fall 2012           Evaluation  
     Raul S. Diesel Technology Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Ian W. Diesel Technology Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Danielle G. Welding Technology Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Friend H. Welding Technology Fall 2013
     Tom H. Diesel Technology Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Miles O. Diesel Technology Fall 2013           Evaluation 
     Jonathan L Welding Technology Fall 2014           Evaluation
    Griffin B. Diesel Technology Fall 2014           Evaluation


Copenhagen Business School (CBS)                            Student Evaluations

Email Address
     Nils J.
MBA Fall 2009           Evaluation
     Thomas S. MBA Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Isabella M. MBA Fall 2013 
     Matilde M. L. Business Administration Sum-Fall 2013
     Anne G. H. International Law Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Asger K. Intercultural Business - Politics Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Lif H. International Business Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Emil L. International Business - Political Science Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Anders R.E. MBA Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Mette S. N. International Marketing Management Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Joachim D.A. Business Administration Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Helene J. MBA Fall 2012           Evaluation  
     Christian M. Business Administration Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Jeanette B. Business Administration / Communication Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Danielle Y. International Business / Communication Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Mathias S. MBA Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Jeppe M. International Business Fall 2015
     Lars S. Business Administration Fall 2015
     Jonas H. MBA Fall 2016           Evaluation
     Kasper N. MBA Fall 2016           Evaluation

     Max. H.

MBA Fall 2009
     Alison S. Business Administration Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Andrea B. MBA Summer 2014    Evaluation
     Chris H. MBA Summer 2015    Evaluation
UW- Seattle
     Aaron P.
Fall 2008           Evaluation
     Nic V. MBA Fall 2009           Evaluation
     Heather S. MBA Fall 2010           Evaluation
     John B. MBA Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Curtis H. Business Administration-Informatics Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Caitlin S. Business Administration - Economics Spring 2013      Evaluation
     Noah D. Business Administration Spring 2013      Evaluation
     Brianne C. Accounting Spring 2014      Evaluation
     Joel L. MBA Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Mary C. Business Administration Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Will F. Marketing - Supply Chain Mgmt. Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Erica C. Marketing - Finance Spring 2015
     Caitlin C. Accounting - Admin Systems Spring 2015
     Kevin C. MBA Summer 2015    Evaluation
     Grace D. Business Administration Fall 2015           Evaluation
     Garrett D. Business Administration Fall 2015           Evaluation
     Angel L. Business Finance Fall 2015           Evaluation
     Connie H. Marketing - Entrepreneurship Fall 2015
     D'ugard D. MBA Summer 2016     Evaluation
     Kyle B. Business Administration Fall 2016
     Caitlin B. Finance and Info. Systems Fall 2016
     Henry M. Business Administration Fall 2016
     Annum S. Operations - Supply Chain Fall 2016
     Lindsay L. Operations & Supply Chain Mgmt. Fall 2017            Evaluation  
UW - Madison
      Kirsten M BA Spr. 2010          Evaluation
      Stephen R. BA Spr. 2011          Evaluation
      Breanna E. BA Spr. 2011          Evaluation
      Kelsey K. BA Spr. 2011          Evaluation
      Darcie W. BA Spr. 2011          Evaluation
     Sarah M. Marketing and Real Estate Summer 2013   Evaluation
     Nora B. Real Estate Summer 2013   Evaluation
     Bennett J. Real Estate Summer 2013   Evaluation
     Eileen T. Business Mgmt. and Marketing Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Alexander R. International Business Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Kristen C. International Business Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Courtney S. Supply Chain Management Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Sam M. Math Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Krista H.   Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Edward H. Information Systems and Marketing Summer 2014   Evaluation
     Sawyer P. Accounting Summer 2014   Evaluation
     Veronica C. Accounting Summer 2014   Evaluation
     James C.   Spring 2016  
     Adam H. Finance Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Rachel L. Management Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Tyler P. Actuarial Science Spring 2016     Evaluation  
     Cori G. Business / Scandinavian Studies Fall '16-Spr '17

Denmark Institute for Study Abroad (DIS)                     Student Evaluations

Email Address
     Jonni S. Psychology Fall '09-Spr. '10 Evaluation
     Sofie Architecture Fall '10-Spr. '11 Evaluation
     Jennifer L. Psychology Spr. 2011
     Meegan W Architecture Spr. 2012
     Taylor F. Environmental Studies Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Zoe S. International Studies Summer 2013   Evaluation
     Blake T. Architecture Fall '13-Spr '14  Evaluation
     Dion C. English Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Bianca S. Film Studies Spring 2015
     Edward T. Social Science - Physics Spring 2015
     Megan B. Community Development Summer 2015    Evaluation
     Alida B. Art Practices Summer 2015
     Graeme O. Community Development Summer 2015    Evaluation
     Juan R. Philosophy Summer 2015
     Jessica M. English and Creative Writing Summer 2016
     Alice C. Interior Design Spring 2013     Evaluation
     Brittany B. Kinesiology Summer 2013  Evaluation
     Alex K. International Engineering Summer 2013  Evaluation
     Laura S. Biology Spring 2014     Evaluation
     Katie C. Economics and Environmental Studies Spring 2014     Evaluation
     Alex K. Economics Summer 2014  Evaluation
     Ellison A. Communication Sciences and Disorders Summer 2014  Evaluation
     Aila B. Elementary Education Summer 2014  Evaluation
     Hallie D. Environmental Studies Spring 2015
     Sarah G. Rehab Psychology Spring 2015     Evaluation
     Maja I. Biology Spring 2015     Evaluation
     Aaryn K. Human Development Spring 2015     Evaluation
     Paige L. Environmental Studies Spring 2015
     Jennifer A.   Summer 2015
     Gracia B. Nursing Summer 2015   Evaluation
     Clara D. Geography - Environmental Studies Summer 2015   Evaluation
     Alexandra L. Rehabilitation Psychology Summer 2015   Evaluation
     Andrea M. Pre-Med Summer 2015   Evaluation
     Jacylyn S. Art and Pre-Medicine Fall 2015           Evaluation
     Alec C. History Spring 2016      Evaluation
     Nicole G. Biology Spring 2016  
     Sydney K. Art History Spring 2016  
     Susan L. Biology Spring 2016      Evaluation
     Molly M. Neurobiology Spring 2016      Evaluation
     Katherine P. Psychology Spring 2016  
     Ariana R. Operations and Technology Mgmt Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Britney S. Environmental Studies Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Brandon H. Biology - Asian American Studies Summer 2016  Evaluation
     Kayleigh Q. Interior Design Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Rita O. Criminal Justice / Psychology Summer 2016
     Jamie E. Biology - Scandinavian Studies Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Priya V. Biology Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Karen M. Elementary Education Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Sara C. Psychology Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Marah L. Elementary Education Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Shannon M. English Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Madelyne H. GWS - Human Development Fall 2016          Evaluation
     Courtney W. Marketing - Digital Studies Fall 2016
     Aaron H. Journalism Spring 2017  
     Jenna K. Neurobiology Spring 2017  
     Jonathan V. Geography Spring 2017  
     Carmen D.   Summer 2017  
     Rebekah D. Economics Summer 2017   Evaluation
     Aaron H. Journalism Summer 2017  
     Anna J. Human Development Summer 2017   Evaluation
     Griffin J. Accounting Summer 2017  
     Cassandre K. Biology Summer 2017   Evaluation
     Megan M. Genetics Summer 2017   Evaluation
     Diana P. Political Science Summer 2017   Evaluation
     Bridgette S.   Summer 2017  
     Devin K. Psychology/Legal Studies Fall 2017           Evaluation
UW - Seattle      
     Amanda M. Sociology Fall 2012          Evaluation
     Max M. Biology Fall 2012          Evaluation
     Emily S. Speech and Hearing Science Fall 2013          Evaluation
     Delores F. Community Environment & Planning Fall 2013          Evaluation
     Weston W. Political Science Summer 2015   Evaluation
     Elizabeth L. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2015
     Tessa Y. Environmental Studies Fall 2015
     Lillian C. Neurobiology Fall '16-Spr '17

Denmark Technical University (DTU)                               Student Evaluations

Email Address
     Singe A. Organic Chem. - Chem. Engineering Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Tim S. Chemical Engineering Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Malte N. Physics -Nanotechnology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Camilla G. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Poul S. Civil Engineering Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Timo K. Engineering Management Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Stine C. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2015
     Christian W.S. Electrical Engineering Fall 2015
     Lise A Biomedical Engineering Spring 2016
     Maria L. Biomedical Engineering Spring 2016
     Mikkel Erikson Chemical Engineering Fall 2016
     Johannes H.   Fall 2016  
     Gerard S.   Fall 2016  
     Jacob S. Civil Engineering Fall 2016
     Sofie K.   Spring 2017  
UW - Madison
     Thomas D. Engineering Spr. 2010          Evaluation
     Katie N. Environmental Engineering Spr. 2012          Evaluation
     James J. Chemical and Biological Engineering Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Katherine R. Industrial Engineering Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Ryan K. Engineering Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Andrea D. Biomedical Engineering Spring 2015      Evaluation
     Allyssa H. Chemical Engineering Spring 2015
     Erik E. Civil and Environmental Engineering Fall 2015
     Tyler P. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2015
     Cullen B. Engineering Mechanics Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Kelsey C. Industrial Engineering Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Devin E. Chemical Engineering Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Emily R. Mechanical Engineering Spring 2016     Evaluation  
    Zachary V. Computer Engineering Spring 2016     Evaluation
     Sylvie W. Industrial Engineering Spring 2016  
     Peter F. Mechanical Engineering Summer 2016   Evaluation
     Nick P. Chemical Engineering Fall 2016          Evaluation
     Alli A. Biomedical Engineering Fall 2016          Evaluation
     Mallory M. Mechanical Engineering Fall 2016          Evaluation
     Maxsen B. Industrial Engineering Spring 2017  
     Taylor B. Industrial Engineering Spring 2017  
     Julianne T. Industrial Engineering Spring 2017  
     Emily L. Industrial Engineering Fall 2017          Evaluation
UW - Seattle      
     Kirk H. Construction Management Spr. 2013         Evaluation

University of Copenhagen (KU)                                   Student Evaluations

Email Address
     Ras N.
Political Science Fall '08-Spr '09 Evaluation
     Thit W. S. Asian Languages Fall '08-Spr '09 Evaluation

     Nina B.

Sociology Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Sara Line B. Modern Culture, Communication Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Sofie B. Political Science Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Nis G. Film Studies Fall '10-Spr '11 Evaluation
     Anne B. H. Economics Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Peter K. J. Media Studies Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Michelle K. H. Psychology Fall '10-Spr. '11 Evaluation
     Sofie F. Religion Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Morten J. Communication Arts Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Malene K. Anthropology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Caecilie S. Sociology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Marie T. Molecular Biomedicine Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Pia M. D. Political Science Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Eva M Pharmaceutical Science Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Laura R Geography Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Signe D.P. Political Science Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Trine M. Public Management Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Stephanie H-R Molecular Biomedicine Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Laura T. Public Health Science Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Gregers N.R. Economics Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Emil Hamberg Economics Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Maria H. Sociology Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Ditte Schmidt Political Science Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Thomas J. Pharmacy Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Theis K. Arabic Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Ulrik H. Molecular Biomedicine Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Kristian A. Sociology Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Laura K.   Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Hannah M. Anthropology Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Silje L. Communications / IT Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Karen D-O. Psychology Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Andreas R. Sociology Fall 2015
     Nikolai S. History Fall 2015
     Nikolaj K. Molecular Biomedicine Fall 2015
     Eric B. Political Science Fall 2015
     Emilie J. Sociology Spring 2016
     Margot F. GWS/Biology Fall 2016
     Jennifer M. Education Fall 2016
     Frederik L. Film and Media Fall 2016            Evaluation
     Anders K. Economics Fall 2016            Evaluation
     Jacob S. International Studies Fall '16-Spr '17
     Nynne A. Economics Spring 2017
     Morten J.   Spring 2017  
     Mona N. Biology - Biotechnology Spring 2017
     Katrine S.   Spring 2017  
UW- Seattle
     Melissa L. Scandinavian Studies Spr 2007           Evaluation
     Andrea B.
Nordic and Comparative Literatures
Spr 2008           Evaluation
     Rebecca C. Economics Spr 2009           Evaluation
     Natalie G. Life Sciences - Landscape Architecture Fall 2009           Evaluation
     Thomas G. Danish Literature and Language Fall 2009           Evaluation
     Sarah B. Neurobiology Spr 2010           Evaluation
     Russell H. European Studies Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Lucas M. Economics Fall '10-Spr '11  Evaluation
     Yumi C. Sociology Spr 2011           Evaluation
     Anika H-M. Business Administration Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Chris E. Civil Engineering Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Calen N. Philosophy and International Studies Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Erin A. Construction Management Fall '13-Spr '14  Evaluation
     Taylor C. Environmental Science Spr 2014           Evaluation
     Kyle J. Journalism Spr 2014           Evaluation
     Annette G. Linguistics Spr 2014           Evaluation
     Alex B. Environmental Science - Resource Mgmt. Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Jennifer C. Art History Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Camille C. CHID Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Katy S. Landscape Architecture Fall 2015
     Lindsay N. Business Fall 2015           Evaluation
     Nemuel M. Marketing Fall 2016
     Gabriela C. Marketing  and Cinema Studies Fall 2016
     Christine K. Biology Fall '16-Spr '17
     Alden R. Biology Fall '16-Spr '17
     Ritesh B. Engineering Fall 2017          Evaluation
     Alexis W. Environmental Sci. & Terrestrial Resource Mgmt Fall 2017          Evaluation  
UW - Madison
     Karen B. History - Political Science Spr 2010           Evaluation
     Ben K. Biochemistry Fall 2010           Evaluation

     Amelia N.


Spr 2011          Evaluation
     Sarah N. Communicative Disorders - Psychology Spr 2011           Evaluation
     Gabrielle V. Communicative Disorders Spr 2011           Evaluation
     Samantha B. Mathematics - International Studies Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Alex H. Sociology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Maura S. Sociology Fall 2011           Evaluation
     Kassandra F. Biology Spr 2012           Evaluation
     Morgan M. Scandinavian Studies Spr 2012           Evaluation
     Bryan L. Human Geography Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Brittany V. Scandinavian Studies- Communicative Dis. Fall '13-Spr '13  Evaluation
     Betsy M. French - Scandinavian Studies Spr 2013           Evaluation
     Hannah S. Political Science Spr 2013           Evaluation
     Eric M. Biology / Environmental Studies Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Laura S. Biology Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Amber K. Psychology Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Jane W. Political Science Spr. 2014          Evaluation
     Alexandra C. Communication Sciences Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Mike W. Computer Science Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Nicholas M. Geography / Political Science Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Danielle V. Portuguese / Environmental Studies Fall 2014           Evaluation
     Samantha B. Sociology Fall '14-Spr '15  Evaluation
     Gabriela C. International Studies Spring 2015      Evaluation
     Katlynn R. Life Science Communications Spring 2015      Evaluation
     Lindsey T. Sociology Spring 2015      Evaluation
     Eric W. Economics Spring 2015      Evaluation
     Ryan O. Linguistics and Botany Fall 2015           Evaluation
     Jessica K. Biology Spring 2016      Evaluation
     James R. Communication - Environmental Studies Spring 2016      Evaluation
     Margot F. GWS/Biology Fall 2016          Evaluation
     Jennifer M. Education Fall 2016          Evaluation
     Olivia F. History Spring 2017     Evaluation
     Nishat H. Biology Spring 2017     Evaluation
     Samuel O. Undeclared Spring 2017  
     Lauren Q. English Spring 2017     Evaluation
     Caroline B. Biomedical Engineering Fall 2017          Evaluation
     Karina C. Civil Engineering Fall 2017          Evaluation

Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts                              Student Evaluations

Royal Academy
Email Address
     Frida P. Architecture Fall '08-Spr '09  Evaluation
UW- Seattle
     Lisa D.
Spr 2007           Evaluation
     Roman P. Architecture Fall 2008           Evaluation
     Mona J. Architecture Fall '09-Spr '10  Evaluation
     Todd S. Architecture Fall 2009           Evaluation
     Jordan M.
Landscape Arch. & Sustainable Design
Spr 2010           Evaluation
     Patrick M. Dept 1 Architecture, City & Landscape Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Erik A. LIFE - Urban Design Fall 2010           Evaluation
     Sean K. Architecture Fall '11-Spr '12  Evaluation
     Queena Y. Architecture Fall '11-Spr '12  Evaluation

     Melanie R.

Architecture Spr 2013           Evaluation
     Carolyn L. Architecture Spr 2013           Evaluation
     Victor V Architecture Fall '12-Spr '13  Evaluation
     Aaron L. Public Admin. and Urban Planning Fall 2013           Evaluation
     Erica B. Architecture Spring 2014      Evaluation
     John R. Architecture Fall '14-Spr '16  Evaluation
     Orion K. Architecture Fall '15-Spr '16
     Mariel D. Architecture Fall-16-Spr '17

Architecture Intern Exchange Program                              Student Evaluations

Royal Academy
Email Address
  BIG Architects - Copenhagen    
UW- Seattle
     Cory M.  Intern Blog:    coryincph Fall 2010           Evaluation

Henning Larsen Architects - Copenhagen

     Ryan H-D  Intern Blog:    copenblogen2011 Spr 2012           Evaluation
     Jocelyn R.  Intern Blog:    feltnotater Fall 2012           Evaluation
     Kate M.  Intern Blog:    kate-and-cph Spr 2013           Evaluation
     Kevin L.  Intern Blog:    København Spr 2014           Evaluation
  Dorte Mandrup Arkitekter - Copenhagen    
     Sarah E.  Intern Blog:     seddyincph Spr 2013           Evaluation
     Andrew T.  Intern Blog:     scanpost Spr 2013           Evaluation
     Benjamin A.  Intern Blog:     Copenhizer Spr 2014           Evaluation
     Carey M.  Intern Blog:     Carey in Copenhagen Spr 2014           Evaluation
     Doug B.  Intern Blog:     Doug Brandon Spr 2015           Evaluation
     Cale W.  Intern Blog:     Slik eller Cigaretter Spr 2015           Evaluation
     Riva B.  Intern Blog:     Spr 2016           Evaluation
     Gabrel G.  Intern Blog:     Spr 2016           Evaluation
     Aaron L.  Intern Blog:     Aaronloomansdma Spr 2017



COBE Architects - Copenhagen

     Doug S.  Intern Blog:    Cphsmith Spr 2016           Evaluation
     Connor I.  Intern Blog: Spr 2017


EFFEKT Architects - Copenhagen

     Andrew G. Intern Blog:   Copenblogen2017  Spr 2017

Summer Scholarships - Independent Study                     Student Evaluations

UW - Seattle      
     Emily A. Architecture Summer 2013   Evaluation
     Katie B. Political Science Summer 2013   Evaluation
     Luke D. Engineering Summer 2013   Evaluation
     Michael L.     Public Affairs Summer 2014   Evaluation
     Christiana D. Soil Science Summer 2015   Evaluation
     Katherine S. Landscape Architecture Summer 2015
     David L. Political Science Summer 2015    Evaluation
     Karen A. International Studies Summer 2016    Evaluation
     Patrick L. Chemistry Summer 2016
     Christiana D. Soil Science Summer 2016

     Steven O.

Political Science Summer 2017    Evaluation

UW - Madison



University of Oregon - Bicycle Transportation Planning Field School Prgm      Student Evaluations

SUMMER 2015      
   Daniel Chibbaro MA City & Regional Planning Rutgers University
   Samuel Copelan PPPM & International Studies Univ. of Oregon

   Sydney Herbst

B.S. Science, Planning, Public Policy Univ. of Oregon
   Holly Hixson    Psychology, Planning, Public Policy Univ. of Oregon
   Kirsten Jones MA Urban Affairs and Public Policy Univ. of Deleware
   Patrick Kelsey MA Urban & Environmental Policy Tufts University
   Christina Lane Environmental Studies and Planning Univ. of Oregon
   Emily Kettell MA Community & Regional Planning Univ. of Oregon ekettell
   Kyle Meyer Environmental Studies Univ. of Oregon
   Jared Morford Community and Regional Planning Iowa State Univ.
   Heather Murphy Urban Planning and Landscape Arch. Colorado Univ.
   Olivia Offutt Urban and Regional Planning Cal Poly Pomona
   Hank Phan Urban and Regional Planning Cal Poly Pomona
   Myra Tetteh PhD Health Behavior and Education Univ. of Michigan
   Emily Thomason MA Urban and Regional Planning Virginia Commonwealth U
   Bradley Tollision BS Urban and Regional Planning Cal Poly Pomona
   Jody Trendler Community and Regional Planning Univ. of Texas
  Yazmin Valdez 


Urban and Regional Planning Florida State Univ.
  Xao Xiong Planning, Public Policy, Mgmt Univ. of Oregon















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