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University of Oregon - Sustainable Cities Initiative


    Bicycle Transportation Planning Field School Program

This program is an intensive seminar held in key urban locations in Western Europe.  Participants will study bicycle planning, design, policy and culture as a sustainable and economically viable form of transportation.  The program will focus on the practices and policies that foster safe, convenient and accessible bicycle infrastructure and the underlying culture that supports a high rate of bicycle use.  Denmark and the Netherlands because great places to bike, and this course will explore how and why this transportation happened and will challenge students to think about how to make similar changes within the United States context.

The field school will be based in four different urban laboratories for about four to six days each:

  • Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, is a relatively flat city with a seamless mix of buildings from many architectural periods and styles, and it boasts one of the world's most extensive networks of streets reserved for pedestrians and bicyclists only.  The city is a pleasant summer locations, with mild, island temperatures that facilitate enjoyment of many parks, amenities (world-class museums, open-air festivals, and the Tivoli amusement park).
  • Odense is Denmark's third largest city and is located on the island of Funen, just west of the island Sjaelland, where Copenhagen sits some 100 miles to the east.  The city is closely associated with Danish fairy-tale collector/author Hans Christian Anderson, who was born there and spent his childhood there.  The city has impressive bicycle transportation infrastructure as well as a "cycle reporting group" responsible for riding around with cameras and recording problems with the infrastructure to municipal authorities.
  • Utrecht is a more modest-sized city of 330,000 giving students an opportunity to experience local bicycle system design and policy from a different perspective than the bigger international cities of Copenhagen and Amsterdam.  Site of the launch of the 2015 Tour de France, Utrecht is completing the world's largest indoor bicycle parking facility by 2016.  More than a third of all trips in Utrecht are made by bicycle and access to the surrounding countryside by an integrated bicycle network is an additional opportunity for students to experience.
  • Amsterdam, capital of the Netherlands, is a flat city full of canals, building dating back to the 14th century, many cultural and artistic amenities (including the Van Gogh museum, the world-famous Rijksmuseum, and the Anne Frank House).  Amsterdam boasts an abundance of bicycle riding residents but is also served well by trains, buses, and ferries.


Highlights of the trip are:

  • Professor or Marc Schlossberg will lead the program
  • Daily bicycling trips will explore urban, suburban, and rural environments
  • Short train trips to nearby cities will also expose student to multi-modal inter-city travel, much more common in Europe.
  • Students from UO and some other schools will be participating, providing an opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with colleagues with diverse perspectives.
  • Course work will be hands-on, applied, policy-relevant, and focused on social and policy change.
  • Participants will meet with local public officials and cycling advocates to get a firsthand insight into how they work, what the keys to success have been thus far, and what the plans are for the future.


2015 Trip

  • Program dates are June 19 thru July 8


    Trip Participants

  • Samuel Copelan, PPPM and International Studies - U of O
  • Daniel Chibbaro, Master of City & Regional Planning - Rutgers University
  • Sydney Herbst, B.S. Science, Planning, Public Policy and Management - U of O
  • Holly Hixson, Psychology Major, Planning, Public Policy and Management Minor - U of O
  • Kirsten Jones, Master of Urban Affairs and Public Policy - University of Delaware
  • Pat Kelsey, M. A. Urban & Environmental Policy and Planning - Tufts University
  • Emily Kettell, Master of Community & Regional Planning - U of O
  • Christina Lane, Environmental Studies and Planning, Public Policy & Mgmt - U of O
  • Kyle Meyer, Environmental Studies - U of O
  • Jared Morford, Community and Regional Planning - Iowa State University
  • Heather Murphy, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture - Colorado University
  • Olivia Offutt, Urban and Regional Planning - Cal Poly Pomona
  • Hank Phan, Urban & Regional Planning - Cal Poly Pomona
  • Myra Tetteh, PhD in Health Behavior and Health Education - University of Michigan
  • Emily Thomason, Master of Urban & Regional Planning - Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Bradley Tollison, B.S. Urban & Regional Planning - Cal Poly Pomona
  • Jody Trendler, Community and Regional Planning - U of Texas at Austin
  • Yazmin Valdez, Urban and Regional Planning - Florida State University
  • Xao Xiong, Planning, Public Policy and Management - U of O


2017 Trip


The Next Program will be held summer 2015.  For more information contact Professor Marc Schlossberg



  Information for Prospective, Accepted, Currently Abroad, Returned, Incoming, and Alumni Students


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