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Our Founders

Our founders, Inger Berg and Jens Bruun, were married in Denmark in 1957. They immigrated to Canada initially in 1957, but eventually made their way south to the United States, finally settling in the city of Bellevue, Washington, in 1961.

Our founders, Inger Berg and Jens BruunAlthough Jens came from a farming background, he became a furniture man through and through. He and Inger set up their first Scan | Design store in downtown Bellevue in 1964 and eventually expanded the business of Scan |Design Furniture, Inc., into a thriving retail furniture business which prided itself on a high level of customer service in providing quality, European style furniture to the Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii market.

In 1971, Inger and Jens began a long relationship with the American - Scandinavian Foundation in New York with the goal of bringing Danish students to Seattle. The Trainees would work in the furniture stores, live with Inger and Jens in their home, and experience the American way of life. The first Danish trainee arrived in 1971. Over the next 30 years, Inger and Jens would bring 147 Danish trainees to Seattle.

As their many friends will recall, Jens and Inger lived their lives with a zest, joy and appreciation for their good fortune that was an inspiration to all of those who knew them.

Denmark continued to play an important role in their lives and occupied a very special place in their hearts. They visited Denmark numerous times, and the strong bonds that were formed with their Danish friends and relatives remained throughout their lives.

Inger and Jen's generous spirits live on in the efforts of this Foundation, and continue the legacy of caring and giving that were so much a part of their lives.

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